Mitron M100 ADSL2+ Modem & Wireless Router
The best features like WiFi, VoIP, Routing with excellent and reliable performance
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Mitron MV1/MV2 VoIP ATA Device
(1/2 FXS)
The MV1/MV2 allows you to make VoIP calls without the need for a computer.
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1) LCD Display - Color menu display.
2) Navigation Stick - Four-direction navigation key. Pressing the stick inwards selects the highlighted option.
3) Right Soft Key - Negative action key. Cancels or returns to previous menu.
4) End/Power Key - Ends an active call. Turns the power on and off. Press for more than two seconds to power the phone on. When on, press for two to four seconds to access the Power Key menu. Press for more than four seconds to power the phone off.
5) Headset Jack - Jack for headset connection.
6) USB 1.1/Power Charge Port - Power charger connection for charging battery.
7) Alphanumeric Keypad - Includes 0-9, A-Z, *, and # keys. The [a/A *] key selects upper or lower-case characters, numbers, or hexadecimal. The [ 1 ] key selects common punctuation marks during text input. The [ # ] key selects special characters and symbols during text input.
8) Send Key - Calls a selected contact.
9) Left Soft Key - Positive action key. Selects menu option.
10) Volume Button - Adjusts volume of the speaker.

Mitron Pty Ltd is based in Artarmon, NSW and imports the Mitron range of ADSL, Router, Wireless & VoIP devices. We specialise in customisation of and supply of these devices to Internet & Voice Service Providors in Australia. We are able to customise firmware & packaging and can provide Automated Provisioning Systems.

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